Erasmus – Foreign Students


 You can find information on IRO Ciudad Real at:

If you have been accepted to our Exchange Program by your Home University then:


1.       You must fill in on-line application form at this link:

2.       Besides that, you should also fill in and scan to the Learning agreement you can find in the same link: Note: you must type this learning agreement, please do not handwrite it.

3.       Send a scanned copy of your ID or passport.

As soon as your academic coordinator checks and signs your learning agreement at the UCLM, you will receive an acceptance letter.

Any additional information you must contact 

Additional Information – ORI

Concerning accommodation, Ciudad Real has in-campus accommodation, but we cannot manage them. Exchange students usually rent flats in the town center, we will help you with the accommodation upon their arrival. Our ESN (Erasmus Student Network) will also assist you in finding accommodation. It is advisable to join ESN and ORI FB ESN fan page where you can post information/ find roommates etc., nevertheless, it is not worth it to rent a flat from your country, there are more spare rooms than students to occupy them, and it doesn’t take more than 1 or 2 days a student to find a room. When you arrive to the town, please come straight to the ORI (“Oficinal de Relaciones Internacionales” – International Relations Office), office  hours: from 9 to 14h, Monday to Friday.

Student Guide in Ciudad Real Campus (in Spanish)

Accommodation and Social Life  (in English)

Academic Information

Teaching language at the UCLM (Bachelor in Civil Engineering) is Spanish, if you are not fluent in Spanish, please contact your academic coordinator for more information regarding this matter. In light of recent issues, we’d also like to point out that we do not require language certificates from our future incomings, but we do expect you to be able to follow lectures and administrative procedures. In your interest, please make sure you have a B1 level of Spanish or at least you are fluent in English in order to help you get started in Ciudad Real.

 Teaching language at the UCLM (Master in Civil Engineering) is English/Spanish

 Contact at the UCLM (School of Civil Engineering in Ciudad Real): José Antonio Lozano (, please contact him for academic purposes only.